Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Weekly email

I know you were all sad that you didn’t get an email from us yesterday.  Well, here it is, so enjoy!


Spring/Summer/Fall Plans

We are beginning to plan our hiring and promotions for Spring/Summer/Fall and need some information about everyone’s plans. We have posted a poll question about what semesters you are planning on working in the coming year. Please submit your answer by March 3. We do understand that plans may change, so please contact Kyle if that is the case for you.


On-Duty Trainers

Some of you may have noticed that IT Training has been more responsive in answering questions and calls from you, the lab employees.  They are now keeping a trainer in the office, on duty, during normal business hours.  We know some of you have been hesitant to call with questions since you don’t know if there will be someone there, but don’t worry about that anymore!  Feel free to call 2-1353 with software questions, and feel free to send us feedback about your experiences with the trainers.


Mid-Semester Evaluations

They are due on the 27th (that is this Saturday). Lab Assistants and Lab Consultants each complete 5 and they can be found under the Evaluations tab. Let Kim know if you have questions.


Group Leader Reports

Don’t forget. They are due the 27th and can be found under the Communications tab. Let Kim know if you have questions.


Keep up the great work!


Erika Kimbler

Office Coordinator

IT Training, Labs, and Communications




Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Weekly Email

Hello everyone!


New Changes

We would like to make everyone aware of a recent promotion. Stef, one of our supervisors, has taken a full time internship in Salt Lake and has thus left our organization. We have promoted Shiul to the supervisor position and want to offer our congratulations to him.


We have also made some changes to the groups in order to accommodate all of this, so please take a look at the revised document on the website (changes are highlighted). The changes have also been made on the site so supervisors should have the correct access. Please let us know if you something is incorrect.


Summer Job Availabilty

We want to remind everyone about an item that was discussed in our Orientation Meeting at the beginning of the semester. As was the case last summer, we are expecting that we are going to have too many people who want to stay in the labs to be able to allow everyone to stay.

With that in mind, we are going to have to limit the number of people who stay over the summer. This will be done through a selection process based on many different factors including performance, time in the labs, etc. We will give you more information about this as summer approaches.

Thus, we want to encourage everyone to take advantage of other opportunities that may present themselves for the summer. This will not only be good for you, but it will also help others who may not have such opportunities.

Please let Kyle know if you have any questions.


Multi-page Scanner

There is a new multi-page scanner in the SWKT, and it’s mighty beautiful.  Find an opportunity to try it out so you can be prepared to help patrons with it.  It does many pages at once (double-sided scanning!) and is easy to use.  Just place your multi-page document in the tray and press the scan button.  It quickly scans the document, then asks you where you want to scan it to (Word being an option—instant text recognition)!  Try to get feedback about how people like it, and let us know.


TIPs Mid-semester deadline

The mid-semester TIPs deadline fast approaches.  Be sure to complete your projects in a timely manner.  Remember, lab assistants must have five TIPs points completed, lab consultants four TIPs points and one TIPs completed/revised, and supervisors three TIPs points.  First semester employees should have completed all the competency projects related to their training classes.


Mac Class

Several requests were made for a Mac class.  To accommodate different schedules, it will be held on February 27 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.  Sign up ASAP!


Attended Button

There has been much confusion regarding the attended button not “working” on the last day.  It turns out the button has worked all along, however the icon will not change from a question mark to a check mark until you have uploaded the project and had it graded by the SAM of Training.  You may click the Attended button on the last day at any time, however, so even though the icon doesn’t change, your attendance has been recorded.  You will notice a change in the rollover text on the icon.



All labs employees have access to the ID card lookup in Route Y.  You have this access so when someone wants to print and they don’t have their ID card, you can verify their identity.  This should be done every time you have someone ask to print and they don’t have their ID card.  We’ve noticed over the past few weeks that this is consistently not being done.  If they don’t match the person in the picture, you shouldn’t print for them or charge their account.  Thanks!



In last full staff, several employees expressed that they are seeing a black screen when patrons try to log in to a computer.  After consulting with the techs, they said this commonly happens because the network cable was unplugged by someone using a laptop or for other reasons.  Before submitting a ticket, please check that the Ethernet cable is plugged in an “blinking.”  If it isn’t, plug it in and restart the computer.



Have a fantastic week everyone!


Erika Kimbler

Office Coordinator

IT Training, Labs, and Communications




Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Important Information!

Hey Everyone!


A Mac class has been scheduled for Saturday, February 27.  Please sign up at https://it.byu.edu/index.cfm?child_id=733&a_id=2894&course_description_topic_id=6219&category_id=1 ASAP to ensure you get a seat.  It will be opened up to the general campus community tomorrow, and will probably fill up quickly.  Be sure to sign up on the internal training calendar as well.  Thanks!


Rebecca Kmetzsch

Office Coordinator

Training, Labs, and Communications



Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekly Email

Weekly Email Archive

By request, we’ve created a place where all the weekly emails will be stored for your reference!  You can now go to http://oaclweekly.blogspot.com to check recent reminders and announcements.  The blog will be updated every week when the weekly email is sent out, so if you ever have questions that you think might have already been answered for you, you can check the blog before you take the time to write out a long email to the SAMs or OCs.


Mid-Semester Evaluations are Coming

Mid-semester evaluations will start on February 17 and go until February 27. This is the chance for all Lab Assistants and Lab Consultants to give some feedback on the Supervisors. Each Lab Assistant and Lab Consultant will be required to fill out evaluations about 5 different supervisors (everyone must do their group leader as one of those supervisors). The evaluations will be visible under the Evaluations Tab (which is currently unavailable). They should be filled out while on shift during the evaluation period (2/17-2/27). If you have questions, ask your group leader or Kim.

 LAs and LCs, start paying attention now, so you have something to say when the evaluations go up.


Pictures on Screensaver

Kim is making new screensavers and will be updating them with the current pictures on the internal website. If anybody would rather not have their picture put on the screensavers, shoot her an email by the end of the week. If you don’t mind, don’t worry, and soon your pretty face will be on the computers.


Group Leader Reports

Thanks to all the supervisors who got your Group Leader Reports in. Lab Assistants and Consultants… you can take a look at the reports under the PICS tab.


Have a great week!!!


Erika Kimbler

Office Coordinator

IT Training, Labs, and Communications




Friday, February 5, 2010

Weekly Email



Confidentiality Agreements

If you have not printed and signed a new “Confidentiality Agreement” in the last few weeks, you need to do that as soon as physically possible! Give them to your supervisors to bring to the office, or run them over yourself! We’d love to see you!!!



In an effort to better serve our labs employees, the trainers have changed their scheduling so that one of their senior instructors will be "staffing" the IT Training office from about 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM every day.  Please use them as a resource, as they are full of knowledge and would love to help you. If you have had an unsuccessful experience in the past, please try again, knowing they've made extra efforts to be prepared specifically for your questions.  You can contact them by calling 2-1353, and the OCs will transfer you to the trainers.  During these hours there should also be a trainer available in 1011 JKB to help you with any competency projects.  If you need to meet with one of them, coordinate through Jesse.



Please make use of Lynda!  The address is http://dbs.lib.byu.edu/lynda


MSN Messenger

We got several inquiries about MSN Messenger being broken in the labs when we were at the orientation meeting.  The plan was to fix it in the next image build but with the problems we have run into I decided to do a break fix.  It has now been sent out everywhere other than the training labs. Please let us know if you see any more problems.


ID Card Lookup Policy

There has been a question if it is acceptable to allow people (spouses/children/etc.) have you look up the student’s ID and print from their account. The answer is “no”. The point of looking up the ID card is to confirm that the person making the request is the one really being charged. If they want to print from their spouse’s account and have their spouse’s card, we cannot stop them from swiping the card. However, we will not look up the ID card and charge the account of any student not present, even if it is a spouse or child of the student. This policy is now included in the policies and procedures manual under  “ID Card Lookup”


Pictures on screensaver

Kim is making new screensavers and will be updating them with the current pictures on the internal website. If anybody would rather not have their picture put on the screensavers, shoot her an email by the end of the week. If you don’t mind, don’t worry, and soon your pretty face will be on the computers.



Remember to send the OCs anything that you would like included in the Newsletter! Send it ASAP!


Weekly Email




Please send the OC’s anything you want included in the newsletter by the end of this week. This includes things you see in the labs, significant life changes, or just about anything you’d like to include.


Lab Consultant Requirements/Excel Data Analysis

First semester employees are more than welcome to move to lab consultant as soon as they complete the requirements.  There is currently not another Excel Data Analysis class planned, other than the class that starts today.  Interested?  Request a time and Jesse will get one scheduled!


Saturday Classes

Training class will not be offered on Saturday this semester unless you request them.  Right now only a Mac class will be offered on a Saturday.  Please send all requests for Saturday classes to Jesse, and try to find friends that will take the same class on the same day as you.


Parts of Classes

In order to get credit for a class, you must attend all parts.  There are no exceptions to that rule.  If you know you’ll be unable to attend a part of a class, don’t sign up for it.  If you accidentally or intentionally miss a part, plan on retaking it to receive credit for it.  For extenuating circumstances, e-mail Jesse, but chances are he’ll encourage you to just sign up for another time.