Friday, December 2, 2011


Resume Voting!

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Friday, September 9, 2011

OC job posting

Rebecca is leaving and we are looking for a new OC to start. Information about the job and the application are posted on the internal website under the "Jobs" tab. The application will be open through Tuesday. Please feel free to contact the OCs with any questions about the job! It is a great opportunity that will also give you some valuable management experience!

We are looking for someone who can be here at least until April and is able to work a minimum of 18 hours a week, but plan on 20 usually.

Let the OCs know if you have any questions!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Weekly Email 9-7-11

We hope everyone is having a great start to the new semester! Here is the weekly email for your reading pleasure.

From Darin:
·         There is a new folder under the documents tab dedicated to TEC Rooms. Make sure you read the documents in there. In time more documents will be added to help in the training and troubleshooting of the TEC Rooms.

From Phil:
·         20 hours per week: Remember to watch your hours and stay under 20 this week, between Saturday 9/3-Friday 9/9.

·         Trading, Giving Up, and Picking Up hours: If you’re still looking to trade or give up hours please email me with the day, time, and location of the shift. Also include whether you’d like to trade or give up the hours and whether you can’t work them (eg. because you have  class) or you’d just like to alter your schedule for convenience (It’s fine either way, I just keep that info on file so I can stay on top of urgent situations).  I will post this information as a news item on the internal website so that all employees can see what’s available.

If you see hours that you’d like to trade for, contact the individual and work out a deal. When I’ve heard from both of you I’ll change the schedule. If you’d like to take over a shift that is up for grabs, just contact me directly and I’ll add the hour for you.

From Seth:
·         Some of IT Training’s classes are listed for 5 hours on their website and 4 hours on ours.  That is because they are doing a practical application activity for that last hour.  You are not required to go to that last hour and we do not pay you for it.  Just to be clear, we only pay you for what is listed on our website.  Anything you go to outside of that must be off the clock.  If you have any questions about this, please let me know.

·         Don’t forget to mark your competency projects as TIPs.

·         Don’t forget to e-mail me for your training raise when you have completed your required classes and half of your required TIPs points.

From the Techs:
·         We will be hiring a new support technician this semester. Email the OC’s if you are interested. The application will open up in a couple weeks, so keep an eye out for it.

Keep up the great work out there.

Brad Perkins
Office Coordinator
Open Access Computer Labs
267 MB     801-422-2647

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Name Badge Ideas

Please vote on the internal website for your favorite color!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Weekly Email

Hi Everyone. Here’s the weekly email!


From the OCs:


                If you have comments concerning another employee, please submit them under the comments tab on the internal webpage. Do not send them as feedback. That way it is sure to make it to the right people and the right place. Also, watch closely who you send your feedback to. And if you aren’t sure where to direct your feedback, please send it to the OCs and they can forward it to the correct address.



We were informed by one of our Supervisors (Thanks Allison!!) that double sided printing is now working in the MCL. Spread the good news!



From Seth

Happy Valentine's Day! If you haven't got something for your significant other, I have a recommendation: Use your stunning Photoshop skills (or your co-worker's stunning Photoshop skills) to create a perfect background for his/her computer (no animals--they really aren't cute). Ahhh.

A reminder that the mid-semester training deadline is February 28th. Fourteen days away! Make sure at least half of your required TIPs are complete, passed off, and recorded on the website by then. Many of you have already finished your TIP requirement. Way to go! For those of you who haven't, REPENT!

Don't forget to send me ideas for Tip of the Week and why you love Phil by February 25th.


From Phil

Free Printing: Please remember that only OACL employees are entitled to free printing in the labs. We cannot send print jobs through for free for people that approach the desk simply because they are friends, family, significant others, etc.


Punctuality/Kronos: As an organization we’re doing great with punctuality, so let’s keep it up, especially with mid semester reviews around the corner. Remember to check your kronos report often. Please flag and comment on all “problem” punches that are marked in pink, even if it was just for a training class or something, and they will be reviewed and excused as is appropriate.


Let us know if you have any questions! Have a great Valentine’s day and good luck this week!


Rebecca Lewis

Office Coordinator

Open Access Computer Labs

267 MB 422-2647


Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekly Email

Here’s the weekly email. Enjoy!


From Seth:

I have updated the certifications (the little program icons that show up under your name on the schedule) for everyone who has a competency project turned in. If you are missing a program, shoot e-mail.  If you are a new employee, you must have the library tutorial competency in to me by Feb 25.  If you are not a new employee, you should send me 1 recommendation for Tip of the Week (something really cool and helpful you wish everyone in the world knew), and 1 reason why Phil is the coolest person you know (other than his voice...that is a given) by Feb 25.  Have fun, y'all!


From Phil:

JKB Closing at 8pm: Starting today the JKB 1005 lab will remain open until 8pm. This means that it will remain unstaffed between 6-8 M-Th, and 5-8pm on Fridays. The East Zone supervisor will close the lab as a part of their walk. If you have a shift when you normally close the JKB lab, please remember to leave it open when you leave.


President’s Day: The schedule has been updated to reflect changed hours for President’s Day (2/21) as well as Tuesday (2/22) that will match the Monday instruction schedule. Please look ahead at these two days and make sure you know when you are scheduled to work.


From the OCs:

Lab Console:

Starting today, you will need to start changing a setting lab console when you open a lab, and will need to check this at the start of each of your shifts. We are getting a handful of help requests that are not being taken care of. Changing this will help with that problem. Under Options then Preferences, change the “Help Requests popup” to Always.



Description: cid:image002.png@01CBC6B4.55ACC4F0


Please remember to do this daily, especially those of you who open labs regularly. We recommend just checking it at the start of each of your shifts. Having it be a regular habit will ensure that it happens.



Thanks! Hope everyone has a great week. Let us know if you have any questions or problems.



Rebecca Lewis

Office Coordinator

Open Access Computer Labs

267 MB 422-2647


Monday, January 31, 2011

FW: weekly e-mail

One last thing! Sorry about the multiple emails. Its tricky when one of the SAMs is out of the country…



From Seth:


Don't forget to get your competency projects in 2 weeks after the last class or doom on you! Also, I have added Qualtrics certifications for those of you who completed that class years ago. Yay for me! And Lithuania says, hello. Well, what it actually says is, labas. Have a great week!



Rebecca Lewis

Office Coordinator

Open Access Computer Labs

267 MB 422-2647